A friendly, social Running Club for mixed abilities. All welcome, beginners to advanced.
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About us @bfc

About Us @ Baffins Fit Club

Baffins Fit Club began in 2013. It was the inspiration of Helen Mayhead and Julie Allan Fuller, who started BFC as a small fitness club to bring together the local community of Baffins. The focus was on running and encouraging those who have never ran before to feel the running love!

Over the years BFC has just grown and grown. We now have over 150 regular members, currently 12 active, qualified running coaches and we are registered with England Athletics.

We officially meet on Mondays and have 10 different levels of running groups. We all run a similar route but paces vary from a walk/jog to under 7 min miles covering all distances up to 6 miles. Everyone starts and finishes together at BFC, we are just one big friendly group!

We are proud of our reputation, our joyful banter and varied mix of runners who all share the same BFC passion of running! Check out our video below for a glimpse at what we are all about.

Just about every day or night of the week now, there is a Baffins splinter group out running. Whether it’s a little jog round the pond, a long Sunday run or speed training, someone from BFC is running somewhere! Through our Facebook page you can keep up with BFC weekly social runs but Click Here for more information on some of the regular ones.

We are also now more than just a run club, BFC now offer Pilates classes on Mondays to our members and bootcamp style fitness sessions though Fullers Fitness, Baffins is all about getting out and training!

"It's not so much that you begin to run, but that you continue."

Hal Higdon

BFC was started by Julie and Helen

BFC was started by Julie and Helen

BFC run groups for all abilities.

BFC run groups for all abilities.