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- Bretts Parkrun Roundup

Parkrun review for Saturday 12th January 2019

by Brett Rumfitt

Parkrun review for Saturday 12th January 2019

Here is a quick round-up of parkruns from Saturday 12th January 2019 where some of the highest participation numbers were recorded. A total of 300 (5th highest) runners took part at Havant parkrun event #348 where Fiona Cfb was our sole representative against Chichester legend James Baker who ran one hist best Havant times.
Position ↓ Gender Position ↓ parkrunner ↓ Club ↓ Run Time ↓1 1 James BAKER Chichester Runners & AC 00:16:148 1 Valeria SESTO Unattached 00:19:57173 50 Fiona BUCK Baffins Fitclub 00:31:34
A total of 124 runners took part at Queen Elizabeth parkrun event #302 where the Millhams ran together??

Position ↓ Gender Position ↓ parkrunner ↓ Club ↓ Run Time ↓1 1 Jon FAIRS Haslemere Border AC 00:18:305 1 Fay CRIPPS Unattached 00:21:2167 49 James MILLHAM Baffins Fitclub 00:28:2770 52 Alex MILLHAM Baffins Fitclub 00:28:31
A total of 473 runners took part at Lee-on-the-Solent parkrun event #190. Dean Schubert and Alex Yorke were kindly picking up the Stubbington 10k numbers and shirts to save time and hassle the next day for others. Thanks.

Position ↓ Gender Position ↓ parkrunner ↓ Club ↓ Run Time ↓1 1 Darren LANGRIDGE Unattached 00:18:0434 1 Grace PARK Unattached 00:22:04292 82 Alex YORKE Baffins Fitclub 00:32:13293 211 Dean SCHUBERT Baffins Fitclub 00:32:15
A total of 382(3rd record in 3 weeks!) runners took part at Fareham parkrun event #150 where Olivia Scammell made her debut on this course.

Position ↓ Gender Position ↓ parkrunner ↓ Club ↓ Run Time ↓1 1 Martin STOCKLEY Eastleigh RC 00:16:536 1 Maisie GRICE City of Portsmouth AC 00:19:40187 55 Olivia SCAMMELL Baffins Fitclub 00:30:18
A total of 382 ( 2nd record in a row) runners took part at Portsmouth Lakeside parkrun event #141. Kevin Rowsell just missed his PB here by 00:02 and Maria Rowsell ran her 2nd best here. Denyse King made her first venture to this run in the north of the city and Jackie Goddard made her first local parkrun for 10 months (no I haven't forgotten about Singapore!)

Position ↓ Gender Position ↓ parkrunner ↓ Club ↓ Run Time ↓1 1 Stephen MASTERSON Unattached 00:17:4615 1 Olivia EAST Unattached 00:20:5050 40 Kevin ROWSELL Baffins Fitclub 00:22:3767 56 Matthew MCLEAN Baffins Fitclub 00:23:28124 105 Chris MATHEWS Baffins Fitclub 00:25:57165 27 Lisa CROSS Baffins Fitclub 00:27:19176 148 Lee COLLIER-WILLIAMS Baffins Fitclub 00:27:54200 37 Maria ROWSELL Baffins Fitclub 00:29:23204 165 Gary SEAMAN Baffins Fitclub 00:29:37209 43 Tina MATHEWS Baffins Fitclub 00:29:50237 176 Paul GRIFFIN Baffins Fitclub 00:31:20241 63 Jacqueline GODDARD Baffins Fitclub 00:31:34265 79 Wendy DUFF Baffins Fitclub 00:33:08374 159 Denyse KING 51:02 VW50-54 33.25 % F 159 Vegan Runners First Timer!

Another record total of 546 (beating last May's total by49) runners took part at Southsea parkrun event #279 marking a memorable debut for new RD Christopher.
Will Ryan ran the 4th fastest of his mammoth 244 parkruns and the 11th best ever at Southsea. Emma Jolley was 1st lady, Martin Biddle ッ ran another PB this time by 0:55,Thomas Redmond ran one of his best times andBilly Jules Bilton continued his recent improvement with his best since February 2018. There was another PB for Carol Carberry, this time by 0:12 assisted?? by Nutmeg. Craig Wheatley made his debut and Natasha Jackson ran her 3rd PB in her last 4 runs, this time lowering it by 0:13. Cat Underwood ran her 2nd PB (0:08) in a row an now has smashed just under a minute off this year already!
Quite a few were holding back a little as they had the Stubbington 10k the next day. A report on that will follow in the next few days I hope. We also had Baffins runners at the recent Twixmas 10k, Brutal at Longmoor and Wickham Torchlight 10k (Friday 11th) and Maverick in the New Forest (12th). If anyone would like to write a quick report on any of these just email Denise Courtney who can put it on the web page and/or facebook. They can even just pick out the BFC runners from the results if they like.
I must mention one exceptional non-parkrun performance by our Louise Griffin who ran the 45 mile Country to Capital, Wendover in Bucks to London in 7:02:25 hours, 16th of 76 women! This pace was a fantastic 5:50 per mile! And all after falling down where a manhole cover was missing a few days before.

Position ↓ Gender Position ↓ parkrunner ↓ Club ↓ Run Time ↓1 1 William BRYAN EpUK 00:15:578 1 Emma JOLLEY City of Portsmouth AC 00:19:3927 26 Steven PARKER Baffins Fitclub 00:21:0076 70 Dan BAILEY Baffins Fitclub 00:23:28113 13 Natasha JACKSON Baffins Fitclub 00:24:25147 130 Jason SMITH Baffins Fitclub 00:25:13165 143 Jon OLSEN Baffins Fitclub 00:25:40168 146 Keith CAUNT Baffins Fitclub 00:25:43174 151 Brett RUMFITT Baffins Fitclub 00:25:53181 157 Kam FAN Baffins Fitclub 00:26:00182 25 Cat UNDERWOOD Baffins Fitclub 00:26:02196 169 David HATTON Baffins Fitclub 00:26:22219 184 Richard HARRIS Baffins Fitclub 00:27:04222 186 Kev BUDD Baffins Fitclub 00:27:13225 188 Craig WHEATLEY Baffins Fitclub 00:27:17226 38 Loisa HAYWARD 27:17 The Breakfast Club231 42 Kirsty DAVIDSON Baffins Fitclub 00:27:30243 47 Rebecca NILES Baffins Fitclub 00:27:45266 57 Victoria PARSONS Baffins Fitclub 00:28:11303 234 Paul WADE Baffins Fitclub 00:29:06314 76 Laura HYMAN Baffins Fitclub 00:29:14316 78 Lucy HUNT Baffins Fitclub 00:29:24359 263 Martin BIDDLE Baffins Fitclub 00:30:36384 110 Emily SPENCER Baffins Fitclub 00:31:10385 275 Liam BRADSHAW Baffins Fitclub 00:31:12401 282 Steve O'SHEA Baffins Fitclub 00:31:51404 284 Kevin FRIERY Baffins Fitclub 00:31:53420 129 Alison SOUTHWELL Baffins Fitclub 00:32:36434 139 Carol CARBERRY Baffins Fitclub 00:33:16435 140 Mirinda BAILEY Baffins Fitclub 00:33:17439 297 Jason FORBES Baffins Fitclub 00:33:22453 151 Brenda BRADSHAW Baffins Fitclub 00:34:20454 303 Daniel WALTON Baffins Fitclub 00:34:25463 155 Susan LAMB Baffins Fitclub 00:34:47465 310 Neil PRIDDLE Baffins Fitclub 00:34:55466 311 Kevin AYLWARD Baffins Fitclub 00:34:56484 170 Janet SAMPSON Baffins Fitclub 00:36:24486 315 Robert BILTON Baffins Fitclub 00:36:50497 180 Debbie KEENAN Baffins Fitclub 00:38:08500 182 Vanessa WILLIAMS Baffins Fitclub 00:38:15524 326 Thomas REDMOND Baffins Fitclub 00:41:20525 199 Catherine REDMOND Baffins Fitclub 00:41:45