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- Bretts Parkrun Roundup

Parkrun report for Saturday 23rd February 2018

by Brett Rumfitt

Parkrun report for Saturday 23rd February 2018

Parkrun Report for Saturday 23rd February 2018. A large number of the club were in Malta for the Half and Full Marathons (which were unfortunately cancelled due to exceptionally bad weather on the island). More were at the Brutal and on Sunday we had competitors at the Duathlon in Southsea and the Rowans 5k. Even so we still had 23 at Southsea for parkrun. Conditions were quite warm but a bit of an easterly slowed us a bit to the turnaround. As Rocksby's cafe, soon to be The Briny is still closed, we go to the Deep Blue on the end of the Pier mainly for post-parkrun sustenance.
A total of 353 runners took part at Wakefield Thornes parkrun event #218. Alex Millham sneaked in his 100th parkrun (well done Alex) accompanied by James in the West Riding of Yorkshire

Position ↓ Gender Position ↓ parkrunner ↓ Club ↓ Run Time ↓1 1 Sam ROBINS Chapel Allerton Runners 00:17:0473 1 Rebecca KING Denby Dale Athletics Club 00:24:1489 86 James MILLHAM Baffins Fitclub 00:25:21138 121 Alex MILLHAM Baffins Fitclub 00:27:37
A total of 229 runners took part at Havant parkrun event #354 where Rebecca Niles and new member Ian Briscoe made their debuts with good times on this course.

Position ↓ Gender Position ↓ parkrunner ↓ Club ↓ Run Time ↓1 1 Liam DUNNE Unattached 00:18:0514 1 Marjorie HUET-MARTIN EMSWORTH JOGGERS 00:21:3951 44 Ian BRISCOE Baffins Fitclub 00:24:3193 16 Rebecca NILES Baffins Fitclub 00:27:51
A total of 288 runners took part at Eastleigh parkrun event #446. Louise Griffin was 1st lady here (and has also won at Lakeside and QE) a great achievement. Paul Griffin ran with their daughter.

Position ↓ Gender Position ↓ parkrunner ↓ Club ↓ Run Time ↓1 1 George BENNETT-STANLEY Unattached 00:18:3513 1 Louise GRIFFIN Baffins Fitclub 00:21:52153 117 Paul GRIFFIN Baffins Fitclub 00:30:42
A total of 317 runners took part at Portsmouth Lakeside parkrun event #147. Katie Rowsell was only 0:02 outside her PB here, Olivia Scammell ran her first at this venue and Barbara Hathaway was a volunteer.

Position ↓ Gender Position ↓ parkrunner ↓ Club ↓ Run Time ↓1 1 Adam BARLOW Royal Navy AC 00:16:4627 1 Rowena BARKER Unattached 00:21:0852 47 Kevin ROWSELL Baffins Fitclub 00:23:16120 95 Lee COLLIER-WILLIAMS Baffins Fitclub 00:27:26156 47 Katie ROWSELL Baffins Fitclub 00:29:17168 115 Gary SEAMAN Baffins Fitclub 00:30:06170 55 Tina MATHEWS Baffins Fitclub 00:30:14174 116 Martin BIDDLE Baffins Fitclub 00:30:16183 62 Olivia SCAMMELL Baffins Fitclub 00:30:37219 84 Wendy DUFF Baffins Fitclub 00:33:07301 160 Jim THOMPSON Baffins Fitclub 00:42:32

Finally, a total of 535 runners (2nd highest) took part at Southsea parkrun event #285
Emma Jolley was 1st lady,there was a superb PB by 00:48 for Alanna Burchett in 5th place, Tom Heard made his first run here, Fiona Cfb ran her fastest since her return. Kam Fan ran his 7th best of 190 parkruns in Southsea, Rob Cooke ran a great 1:20 PB, Simon Boreham ran his 3rd best of 20, and Katherine Newell and Andy Seek (Run Director) were volunteers.
Emma Jolley had 2nd and me the 3rd best age-graded times. (It was my 2nd best age-graded time ever in 246 parkruns in case I haven't already told you a couple of times!)

Position ↓ Gender Position ↓ parkrunner ↓ Club ↓ Run Time ↓1 1 Liam BARRY-CARROLL University of Southampton AC 00:17:1711 1 Emma JOLLEY City of Portsmouth AC 00:18:5126 24 Brett RUMFITT Baffins Fitclub 00:20:0635 33 Simon BOREHAM Baffins Fitclub 00:20:3655 5 Alanna BURCHETT Baffins Fitclub 00:21:2196 81 Jason SMITH Baffins Fitclub 00:22:55128 105 Rob COOKE Baffins Fitclub 00:24:00134 110 Tom HEARD Baffins Fitclub 00:24:09141 117 Keith CAUNT Baffins Fitclub 00:24:25191 158 Kam FAN Baffins Fitclub 00:25:41217 180 Paul WADE Baffins Fitclub 00:26:28253 47 Fiona BUCK Baffins Fitclub 00:27:24295 59 Emily SMITH Baffins Fitclub 00:28:51310 245 Liam BRADSHAW Baffins Fitclub 00:29:23355 85 Sarah PLATTS Baffins Fitclub 00:30:30358 87 Jan SULLIVAN Baffins Fitclub 00:30:34397 291 Steve O'SHEA Baffins Fitclub 00:31:54424 300 Henry BARRASFORD Baffins Fitclub 00:33:00427 126 Alice BIRD Baffins Fitclub 00:33:15437 133 Mirinda BAILEY Baffins Fitclub 00:33:54491 161 Jackie LADD Baffins Fitclub 00:38:06492 162 Debbie KEENAN Baffins Fitclub 00:38:06497 335 Robert BILTON Baffins Fitclub 00:38:28502 167 Denyse KING 39:42 516 343 Thomas REDMOND Baffins Fitclub 00:44:47517 174 Catherine REDMOND Baffins Fitclub 00:44:48
Hopefully all the Maltese runners are back safely. I know they enjoyed some of the food and drink but the conditions were so bad that venturing outside the hotel was not always safe.
As usual this report will be on our website www.baffinsfitclub.co.uk