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- Bretts Parkrun Roundup

parkrun review 18.6.2022

by Brett Rumfitt

A total of 375 runners took part at Southsea parkrun event #386

Highlights were Paul Griffin getting an All parkrun PB. It equalled his run of 1.1.2020 but sits on top of the times so I'd claim it. Michael Rae and Amanda Simpson had the 2nd and 5th best Age Grades respectively.

Position ↓ Gender Position ↓ parkrunner ↓ Club ↓ Run Time ↓

1 1 Cassie THORP Unattached 00:17:21

2 1 Adam Joseph DART Unattached 00:17:43

20 18 Paul GRIFFIN Baffins Fitclub 00:20:45

26 22 Michael Rae BFC/PJC 00:21:15

102 20 Laura RICHARDSON Baffins Fitclub 00:25:00

155 120 Rob COOKE Baffins Fitclub 00:26:39

157 32 Amanda SIMPSON Baffins Fitclub 00:26:41

158 33 Fiona BUCK Baffins Fitclub 00:26:42

170 125 Kam FAN Baffins Fitclub 00:27:01

260 75 Olivia SCAMMELL Baffins Fitclub 00:30:32

374 150 Katherine NEWELL Baffins Fitclub 00:54:47

Cassie Thorp was the first women to finish first at Southsea beating Laura Benton's female course record of 24.3.2018

Volunteers, some of whom we know were:Eleanor ATKINS, Alice BIRD, Sue CANSDALE, Susannah CATER, Sarah CLARKE, Pete COLWELL, Nicky FAWCETT, Duncan GARDNER, Stephen GORYS, Rhian GOUGH, Meera GUNZI, Alison HARE, Louise JENKINS, Eileen KENYON, Katherine NEWELL, Damien ONEILL, Louis ONEILL, Joe PEAKE, Nikki POPOVA, Stephen ROSE, Debs SMART, Michael TAYLOR, Claire Victoria TEWKESBURY, Robert TURNER-DIAMOND, Jonathan UNDERHAY, Rose WADDINGTON, Elliot WEBBER, Paul WHEELER, Bryony WILDBLOOD, Graham WITCHER

A total of 281 runners took part at Havant parkrun event #455

The event was celebrating it's 10th birthday.

Ian Briscoe ran a 15 sec PB and James Yorke a 30 sec one.

Position ↓ Gender Position ↓ parkrunner ↓ Club ↓ Run Time ↓

1 1 Steven GREEN Unattached 00:17:54

15 1 Charlotte OAKLEY Unattached 00:21:27

36 30 Ian BRISCOE Baffins Fitclub 00:23:16

91 70 James YORKE Baffins Fitclub 00:27:14

A total of 134 runners took part at Whiteley parkrun event #190

Becci Knowles was 5th female finisher.

Position ↓ Gender Position ↓ parkrunner ↓ Club ↓ Run Time ↓

1 1 Josh HORNER Unattached 00:17:54

15 1 Joanna PARR Unattached 00:22:00

44 5 Rebecca KNOWLES Baffins Fitclub 00:25:31

A total of 105 runners took part at the splendidly named Parke parkrun event #346

Jason Smith became our 3rd runner here and our fastest. Here is the course description. There is a huge hill! It is on National Trust property at Bovey Tracey.

The start and finish area is on the private drive to Parke House. After 90m head off right down the stoney path past the meadow, at the gate head straight across the crossroads and after passing the big wooden shed turn left up the steep hill. Stay on this path until for about one kilometre and turn sharp right near the gate at the far end of the Parke property, follow the lower valley path for one kilometre back towards the cross roads. When you get back to the crossroads turn left which will take you over two bridges over the old mill stream and River Bovey.

On the other side of the second bridge continue straight ahead and take the path up onto the old railway line (Wray Valley Trail). Turn left along the trail for about 500m before taking a right up the hill into the trees. At the top of the hill turn right and follow the path all the way round dropping back onto the old railway before turning left and following it for 200m before turning right back over the bridges to the crossroads. Turn left through the gate and back up the stoney path finish line.

Position ↓ Gender Position ↓ parkrunner ↓ Club ↓ Run Time ↓

1 1 Tom JEFFERY Unattached 00:19:41

7 1 Susanna GOFFE Unattached 00:21:42

29 25 Jason SMITH Baffins Fitclub 00:26:03

A total of 181 runners took part at Chichester parkrun event #334

Tracy Strydom made her debut here.

Position ↓ Gender Position ↓ parkrunner ↓ Club ↓ Run Time ↓

1 1 Mike HOUSTON Unattached 00:17:31

12 1 Emily MOORE Unattached 00:21:18

141 45 Tracy STRYDOM Baffins Fitclub 00:32:59

A total of 145 runners took part at Portsmouth Lakeside parkrun event #246

The first female was our own Jo Wilkins on her course debut, a great achievement. Liam John Bradshaw was not far off his best here.

Position ↓ Gender Position ↓ parkrunner ↓ Club ↓ Run Time ↓

1 1 Rob WILSON Unattached 00:18:24

9 1 Jo WILKINS Baffins Fitclub 00:23:03

29 25 Chris MATHEWS Baffins Fitclub 00:26:31

30 26 Liam BRADSHAW Baffins Fitclub 00:26:40

32 28 Geoffrey NEWMAN Baffins Fitclub 00:26:47

54 46 Robert CLAYTON Baffins Fitclub 00:28:44

118 41 Alison NEWMAN Baffins Fitclub 00:36:46

A total of 190 runners took part at Mole Valley parkrun event #157

Hayley Irvine is our 1st runner here. This is a 1 lap course at Denbies Wine Estate, Dorking. Starting to the right of the main building, the course first does a clockwise loop of the small field. It then turns left and heads up the hill for approx. 600m. At the top of the hill, turn left and cross a concrete path, continue straight ahead for approx. 700m along an undulating track and then turn right at the next path. Continue until the path bends left down a steep short hill and then follow the path around to the left and head back towards Denbies where you will be treated to stunning views across the vineyard and to Box Hill. At the junction follow the main path, again crossing the concrete path and then turn right, re-joining the outward route where you will return to the field for the finishing straight.

The course is undulating with the first half being mainly uphill and the second half downhill. Much of the track is reasonably narrow due to the path being between hedgerows and the vines. Please do not run between the vines and take care to avoid the metal wires at the end of each vine.

Position ↓ Gender Position ↓ parkrunner ↓ Club ↓ Run Time ↓

1 1 Dominic WATKINS Unattached 00:19:07

9 1 Lily BROWN Unattached 00:21:25

171 52 Hayley IRVINE Baffins Fitclub 00:41:07

A total of 218 runners took part at Littlehampton Prom parkrun event #94

Position ↓ Gender Position ↓ parkrunner ↓ Club ↓ Run Time ↓

1 1 Adam MAY Unattached 00:17:36

9 1 Lillie HELLYER Unattached 00:19:52

188 111 Martyn THREADER Baffins Fitclub 00:35:39

189 112 Andy GUBBS Baffins Fitclub 00:35:40

A total of 85 runners took part at Great Salterns parkrun event #22, where after Jacob O'Hara decided not to take a finish token on his 'injury-testing jog' Sonny Locke (on debut here) became the first male parkrun winner for our club. James( Karen Millham) ran a great 4th, I was 7th and John Bucketsofrain 10th.

Helen Hunt was 3rd female, Caitlin Burchett 4th and Nikki Wright 9th. In the Age-Graded percentages, John Bucketsofrain was 3rd, me 4th (despite 5 hours sleep and 5 pints!),Helen Hunt 6th, James Millham 8th and Sonny Locke 10th.

Position ↓ Gender Position ↓ parkrunner ↓ Club ↓ Run Time ↓

1 1 Sonny LOCKE Baffins Fitclub 00:19:55

4 4 James MILLHAM Baffins Fitclub 00:20:51

7 7 Brett RUMFITT Baffins Fitclub 00:22:45

9 1 Anna SMITH-JAMES Unattached 00:23:10

11 10 John BURCHETT Baffins Fitclub 00:23:17

28 26 Nigel SO Baffins Fitclub 00:25:48

34 3 Helen HUNT Baffins Fitclub 00:26:42

35 4 Caitlin BURCHETT Baffins Fitclub 00:26:51

38 34 Kev BUDD Baffins Fitclub 00:27:06

41 35 Kevin AYLWARD Baffins Fitclub 00:27:40

53 9 Nikki WRIGHT Baffins Fitclub 00:30:23

57 12 Emily SMITH Baffins Fitclub 00:30:56

65 46 Jim THOMPSON Baffins Fitclub 00:33:03

69 48 Steve O'SHEA Baffins Fitclub 00:33:48

79 25 Kim STROUD Baffins Fitclub 00:40:08

81 55 Alex MILLHAM Baffins Fitclub 00:42:14

82 27 Ruth COLLINS Baffins Fitclub 00:42:15

84 29 Kitty LI Baffins Fitclub 00:58:48

PBs were achieved by James Millham 10 secs, Chi SO 6 secs, Nikki Wright 13 secs, Jim Thompson 1 second and Steve O'Shea 1:51.


We are as ever grateful for the volunteers. Remember Kev Budd will get you a free tea or coffee fromn the cricket pavilion. Please sign up early so there's not a last minute scramble. Our club has been superb at setting up and supporting this event. Many roles are available including a few where you can run too, like pre-event set-up , closedown, token sorting and you can even scan after you have finished if you finish in about 25 mins.