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- Bretts Parkrun Roundup

parkrun Review for Saturday 16th July 2022

by Brett Rumfitt

A total of 420 runners took part at Southsea parkrun event #389 where Baffins runners were much in evidence. John Bucketsofrain had the 9th best Age Grade of 79.31% which is just under the National Class standard of 80%! He also ran a fantastic PB by 1:38 which was a APPB (all parkrun PB) by 12 secs.

Kev Budd returned to where he was RD many times as a runner, Hannah Baldassarra ran only her 9th parkrun but her 2nd fastest, and Jo Ann Wilkins was a great 5th place in another huge PB of 1:07. This was also an APPB by 27 secs.

Position ↓ Gender Position ↓ parkrunner ↓ Club ↓ Run Time ↓

1 1 Sebastian HOENIG Unattached 00:16:11

24 1 Amy CHAPLIN Unattached 00:19:22

57 48 Michael Rae 00:21:23 PJC/BFC

65 5 Jo WILKINS Baffins Fitclub 00:21:55

78 66 Ian BRISCOE Baffins Fitclub 00:22:33

82 68 John BURCHETT Baffins Fitclub 00:22:48

97 80 Dave REES-WHELAN Baffins Fitclub 00:23:03

134 19 Laura RICHARDSON Baffins Fitclub 00:25:10

145 22 Hannah BALDASSARRA Baffins Fitclub 00:25:35

163 29 Rebecca KNOWLES Baffins Fitclub 00:26:13

171 31 Helen MAYHEAD Baffins Fitclub 00:26:27

179 134 James YORKE Baffins Fitclub 00:26:36

180 135 Keith CAUNT Baffins Fitclub 00:26:38

184 138 Paul HARRISON Baffins Fitclub 00:26:45

211 156 Kam FAN Baffins Fitclub 00:27:44

225 165 Kev BUDD Baffins Fitclub 00:28:10

226 47 Helen HUNT Baffins Fitclub 00:28:11

231 51 Fiona BUCK Baffins Fitclub 00:28:22

248 57 Kim STROUD Baffins Fitclub 00:29:06

401 234 Martyn THREADER Baffins Fitclub 00:41:56

402 235 Andy GUBBS Baffins Fitclub 00:41:58

419 156 Katherine NEWELL Baffins Fitclub 00:57:26, Katherine Newell volunteered for an incredible 405th time!

A total of 204 runners took part at Havant parkrun event #459

Position ↓ Gender Position ↓ parkrunner ↓ Club ↓ Run Time ↓

1 1 Mark BICKNELL Unattached 00:18:52

13 1 Alex COOMBER Unattached 00:21:35

97 76 Jon OLSEN Baffins Fitclub 00:30:32

A total of 305 runners took part at Hastings parkrun event #305, one I'm hoping to do one day. Brenda Bradshaw is our 2nd runner here after Janet Sampson, who is the fastest at the moment.

Position ↓ Gender Position ↓ parkrunner ↓ Club ↓ Run Time ↓

1 1 William KNIGHT Unattached 00:15:59

5 1 Ruth JONES Unattached 00:19:06

223 75 Brenda BRADSHAW Baffins Fitclub 00:33:10

The course is run entirely on tarmac.

Starting 25m from the shelter on seaside road, opposite grosvenor gardens. Runners head in an easterly anti clockwise direction keeping to the walk section of the prom markings for 1km. Then run down the slope onto the lower prom, skirting the front of the azur restaurant, through bottle alley, up the slope to the pier entrance. Continue to the turn around area at the seats 100m beyond pier entrance. Turn around and keeping to the right hand side of the footpath, run past the pier entrance and back to the start line keeping to the footpath marked part of the prom. The course is extremely flat with only one turn to negotiate, making it a fast course.

A total of 697 runners took part at Southampton parkrun event #450

Position ↓ Gender Position ↓ parkrunner ↓ Club ↓ Run Time ↓

1 1 Christopher FAWCETT Unattached 00:16:45

7 1 Tamsin ANDERSON Unattached 00:18:09

604 348 Sonny LOCKE Baffins Fitclub 00:35:39

A total of 173 runners took part at Portsmouth Lakeside parkrun event #250

Position ↓ Gender Position ↓ parkrunner ↓ Club ↓ Run Time ↓

1 1 James COPELAND Unattached 00:18:58

16 1 Alabama PIRIE Unattached 00:22:42

74 57 Robert CLAYTON Baffins Fitclub 00:28:11

A total of 136 runners took part at Jesmond Dene parkrun event #67

Eric De Greef is our 1st runner here on Tyneside. The course starts and finishes just above Millfield House near Pet’s Corner and runs through the dene on a path parallel to Red Walk. It follows a few left and right turns, taking you round to 21 steps and a steep hill up to Paddy Freeman’s Park. There is a big loop followed by a small loop of this park before descending a steep hill and back along the path to the finish.

Due to steps on the course it may not be suitable for buggies - please contact the team in advance for further advise on the course.

Dogs are not allowed at this event.

Position ↓ Gender Position ↓ parkrunner ↓ Club ↓ Run Time ↓

1 1 Alex STOKES Unattached 00:17:48

19 1 Kathryn STEVENSON Unattached 00:22:17

59 46 Eric DE GREEF Baffins Fitclub 00:26:41

Staying with a Dutch theme,

Position ↓ Gender Position ↓ parkrunner ↓ Club ↓ Run Time ↓

1 1 Rachid MOHAMMADI Unattached 00:16:59

11 1 Jakki ARTUS Unattached 00:19:50

81 55 Liam BRADSHAW Baffins Fitclub 00:27:07

A total of 162 runners took part at Amsterdamse Bos parkrun event #42 and Liam John Bradshaw becomes our 2nd runner here, but not after Eric De Greef!! He is our only current runner here after former member Ellis Whitcher who moved out there a few years ago.

The route is one lap. From the start next to the Speelweide, the route goes through a wide avenue with trees. At the height of the Grote Vijver, you turn left, towards the Kleine Vijver. From there it turns back to the start of the route. The final sprint to the finish is slightly uphill until just before the Boswinkel.

A total of 176 runners took part Mote Park parkrun event #5

Incredible Craig Lunn (our 1st runner here in Maidstone) saw a regular runner from our area, Dave Robbins who has run many parkruns and helped at Great Salterns.

An out and back taking you past Mote House, with two inner laps of the lake path, starting and finishing near the boat house, run on permanent paths.

Position ↓ Gender Position ↓ parkrunner ↓ Club ↓ Run Time ↓

1 1 Matthew FIELD Unattached 00:18:38

8 1 Charlotte JOHNSTON Unattached 00:21:09

32 28 Craig LUNN Baffins Fitclub 00:24:45

Finally to our most local event (well for many of us)

A total of 63 runners took part at Great Salterns parkrun event #26

Here Nick Lay ran a 2 sec PB, Robert Turner-diamond a 2:13 PB, Billy Jules Bilton a 1:28 PB as tailwalker, and I was 6th and had the best Age Grade.

Ian Gregory one of our RDs, who runs for Emsworth Joggers, ran his 2nd PB in a row taking 18 secs off this time.

Position ↓ Gender Position ↓ parkrunner ↓ Club ↓ Run Time ↓

1 1 Robert FORD Unattached 00:19:33

6 6 Brett RUMFITT Baffins Fitclub 00:22:04

12 1 Anna SMITH-JAMES Unattached 00:23:58

20 17 Paul GRIFFIN Baffins Fitclub 00:26:18

22 19 Nick LAY Baffins Fitclub 00:26:41

24 20 Alex GANNON Baffins Fitclub 00:26:48

49 38 Alex MILLHAM Baffins Fitclub 00:36:35

50 39 Nigel SO Baffins Fitclub 00:36:37

51 12 Kitty LI Baffins Fitclub 00:36:37

53 40 Robert TURNER-DIAMOND Baffins Fitclub 00:37:15

62 42 Robert BILTON Baffins Fitclub 00:58:39

63 21 Nikki WRIGHT Baffins Fitclub 00:58:39

Thanks as always to the volunteers. Please don't be afraid to step forward and help. There are quite a few roles that can be combined with running. Please ask by emailing the GS parkrun team.

Kev Budd will buy you a tea or coffee from the Cricket Hut after!