A friendly, social Running Club for mixed abilities. All welcome, beginners to advanced.
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Baffins Fit Club Trail Division

Hello and welcome to Baffins Fit Club Trail Division.

We are an ever growing group of positive, friendly people who love running but want to escape the city and explore the great outdoors. It’s for everyone and included as part of your BFC membership. The emphasis is on fun and teamwork. On a BFC Trail run no one gets left behind.

BFC Trail Division

Baffins Fit Club Trail Division is for everyone and included as part of your Baffins Fit Club membership. It is headed up by our qualified run leader Colin Southwell and experienced tail runners all of whom have 2 way radios and carry first aid kits for your safety. All routes are pre planned and tested and take place in various locations. Queen Elizabeth Country park, Stansted Park, South Downs Way and Devils punch bowl to name a few but we are always looking for new locations. We try to organise 2 trail runs a month and will always advise of the distance, describe the terrain and include an elevation profile. Some routes are more challenging than others and in order to cater for all abilities sometimes we offer 2 distances from the same start point. The exciting thing is that as you gain experience and strength you can work your way up.

Trail running shoes are advised due to the varied terrain although some routes in the dryer summer months will be suitable for road shoes. Rarely will a trail run be flat so expect hills (it’s fine to walk) but the reward will be the stunning views along with the birds and wildlife that we just don’t see on the road. Trail running really is good for the soul.

Trail running offers many benefits. Apart from the simple beauty of being in the countryside, when you run trails you are using and activating different muscles than you do on the road. Instead of your body absorbing the impact of running on hard surfaces the terrain will absorb it and without you thinking about it your body is working harder but lessening the risk of an overuse injury common in road running. You will find your ankles get stronger and your core improves as your body works to keep you stable on uneven surfaces. A great all over workout which helps to make you a stronger runner overall both physically and mentally.

We hope this gives you a feel for what we are about. The best way of summing up comes from comments below from our members. Please join our Facebook page ‘Baffins Fit Club Trail Division’ where you will find many more photos of our runs.

Much love Your BFC Trail Division Team

Colin & Ali Southwell

BFC Trail Division
BFC Trial Division
BFC Trail Division

Next Planned Trails

For the latest news and info on all trail runs please visit / request to join the
BFC Trail Division Facebook Group

“What an amazing group of people, thank you so much for all your support today. I cannot wait to join you all for the next trail run.”

“A fantastic addition to a special club. It gives an opportunity to get out in the countryside and experience all that it gives….my favourite part……Simply the fact that we run as a group. We as a club are all about the people in it and this gives the perfect opportunity to run and chat with whoever happens to be alongside you.”

“I’ve done three BFC Trail runs now and already feel part of the gang. I’ve always loved being out in the countryside, and combining this with running makes me happy. There’s so much more variety than with road running and it’s not all about pace. I also enjoy the fact that you get to meet and run with a different set of people to Monday nights. I’m hooked and am looking forward to lot of runs in 2020.”

“I will always find time for a run with BFC Trail Division. What an awesome group of runners and such lovely people. Always finding new places to run and working as a team to get us all round. Well led group and can’t wait to run some more with them all”

BFC Trail Division
BFC Trail Division