A friendly, social Running Club for mixed abilities. All welcome, beginners to advanced.
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Baffins Fit Club.

Welcome to Baffins Fit Club. We are a friendly running group based in Portsmouth that meet every Monday evening in the Baffins area. We cater for all runners whatever your age or ability. Whether you are an absolute beginner, experienced plodder or fast sprinter, this is the running club for you. Our focus is on social running, basically having a good run and chat! We run because we enjoy it!

Baffins Fit Club

As well as our official Monday club runs we also meet up throughout the week for various other group runs, like speed training, trail runs, Sunday long runs and more. We also meet weekly at local Park Runs and Great Run Local. Click Here for more information or visit our Facebook Page.

We also now have an official weekly Wednesday Group and offer bootcamp style fitness classes for adults and kids with Fullers Fitness.


"Run often, run long but never outrun your joy of running"


Park Run

Bretts Parkrun Roundup