A friendly, social Running Club for mixed abilities. All welcome, beginners to advanced.
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BFC Race Reports

Baffins at the 2023 Gosport Half

by Brett Rumfitt


at the Gosport Half Marathon today. Very strong south westerly on the return leg, into which we had to run twice. Great running everyone. Highlights as far as I can see: Maria Tucker was a great supporter and took some photos. Thanks to Michael Rae for the lift and tea after.Brett Rumfitt 3rd in age, equals 2018 time. Ian Briscoe PB Michael Rae Jason Smith Becci Knowles Clive Tucker PB Laura Hyman Olsen PB Jon Olsen (Phil Hoy Runs with us on a Monday sometimes and much slower today as his keys came out of his pocket just after the start & had to run back towards the runners)