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- Bretts Parkrun Roundup

Parkrun Report 26th January 2019

by Brett Rumfitt

Parkrun Report 26th January 2019

Here is my Parkrun report from Saturday 26th January 2019. We shall begin at Southsea where the 2nd most ever (500) took part. I made it 31 Baffins runners. Janet Sampson volunteered along with Katherine Newell. Steven Parker and I had another titanic battle with Steven just having enough left after I took 2 k to catch him. It really helps when someone is around your speed and you can focus. Anyway I shall console myself with 5th best age-graded time!
Position ↓ Gender Position ↓ parkrunner ↓ Club ↓ Run Time ↓1 1 Will HENDERSON Unattached 00:17:2630 30 Steven PARKER Baffins Fitclub 00:20:4632 32 Brett RUMFITT Baffins Fitclub 00:20:4743 1 Jenna FULLER Unattached 00:21:0777 5 Alanna BURCHETT Baffins Fitclub 00:22:3581 76 Gary COOK Baffins Fitclub 00:22:40140 127 Scott COBB Baffins Fitclub 00:24:37163 145 Keith CAUNT Baffins Fitclub 00:25:24175 21 Helen MAYHEAD Baffins Fitclub 00:25:40176 155 Kam FAN Baffins Fitclub 00:25:42184 25 Rebecca NILES Baffins Fitclub 00:25:49257 50 Fiona BUCK Baffins Fitclub 00:27:35263 209 David SHARP NEW MEMBER 27:44 290 225 Matt STANDEN Baffins Fitclub 00:28:54305 236 Steve O'SHEA Baffins Fitclub 00:29:26319 74 Emily SPENCER Baffins Fitclub 00:29:47334 253 Martin BIDDLE Baffins Fitclub 00:30:28352 262 Jason FORBES Baffins Fitclub 00:31:13353 91 Kate GORDON Baffins Fitclub 00:31:13376 271 Kevin FRIERY Baffins Fitclub 00:32:15384 111 Alice BIRD Baffins Fitclub 00:32:25398 280 Liam BRADSHAW Baffins Fitclub 00:33:03415 127 Denyse KING Vegan Runners 34:02421 291 Andy SEEK Baffins Fitclub 00:34:35423 132 Brenda BRADSHAW Baffins Fitclub 00:34:51424 133 Tracie BERWICK Baffins Fitclub 00:34:52435 142 Mirinda BAILEY Baffins Fitclub 00:35:12436 294 Henry BARRASFORD Baffins Fitclub 00:35:13462 302 Robert BILTON Baffins Fitclub 00:38:21463 161 Debbie KEENAN Baffins Fitclub 00:38:24490 317 Thomas REDMOND Baffins Fitclub 00:46:23491 174 Catherine REDMOND Baffins Fitclub 00:46:46499 177 Janet SAMPSON Baffins Fitclub 00:54:10New member David Sharp ran a 00:04 PB, Martin Biddle ッ ran his 5th out of the last 6 here taking 00:08 off and Kate Gordon was 00:18 faster. Alanna Burchett ran her 2nd fastest and Rebecca Niles her 4th best of 92 at Southsea. Interesting they both stepped up from Brett's Buzzards Monday Group to Denise's last week? Do I claim credit or Denise? I think it is more the long runs that are paying off on a Sunday! Scott Cobb made an impressive debut here.
A total of 127 runners took part at Queen Elizabeth parkrun event #304. Dan Slayford was 2nd in a new QE PB by 0:10

Position ↓ Gender Position ↓ parkrunner ↓ Club ↓ Run Time ↓1 1 Unknown ATHLETE Unattached 00:18:312 2 Dan SLAYFORD 18:45 Flyers Southend24 1 Sarah HALL Invicta East Kent AC 00:22:25108 32 Carol CARBERRY Baffins Fitclub 00:38:23
A huge total of 533 runners took part at Lee-on-the-Solent parkrun event #192Great running here by the Griffin duo. Paul Griffin took 2:14 off his best here and it was Paul's 2nd fastest parkrun anywhere out of 62 runs. Louise Griffin took 1:35 off her best here and it was Louise's 4th fastest of her 75 parkruns.
Position ↓ Gender Position ↓ parkrunner ↓ Club ↓ Run Time ↓1 1 Aaron BURGESS Oxford City AC 00:16:3422 1 Laura STRUDLEY Unattached 00:21:1127 2 Louise GRIFFIN Baffins Fitclub 00:21:1934 32 Paul GRIFFIN Baffins Fitclub 00:21:36
Finally, a record total of 383 runners took part at Portsmouth Lakeside parkrun event #143. Lee Collier-Williams ran a brilliant PB here by 0:45 and this was an APPB (All-parkrun PB too!)
Position ↓ Gender Position ↓ parkrunner ↓ Club ↓ Run Time ↓1 1 Craig BERRYMAN Havant AC 00:16:5016 1 Kirsty AKED Denmead Striders 00:20:0562 54 Kevin ROWSELL Baffins Fitclub 00:23:2365 56 Michael RAE 23:2694 84 Lee COLLIER-WILLIAMS Baffins Fitclub 00:25:24179 137 Gary SEAMAN Baffins Fitclub 00:29:42191 47 Maria ROWSELL Baffins Fitclub 00:30:00192 48 Katie ROWSELL Baffins Fitclub 00:30:01203 55 Tina MATHEWS Baffins Fitclub 00:30:18238 161 Colin EDWARDS Baffins Fitclub 00:31:48350 154 Gemma HOARE Baffins Fitclub 00:40:48
Another successful parkrun Saturday for the club with members helping by volunteering and pacing others. For anyone wanting to put Baffins Fit Club as your parkrun club, you just need to open your parkrun result email, click on profile and add us. It helps me with sorting results. I do know some who are registered with other clubs or no club and do look for them but will inevitably miss some!
Baffins members also ran the Brutal on Saturday (we've seen the photos you mad, muddy lot!) and Fran Waterman ran a Maverick race too. Anyone wishing to do a quick write-up on their races is most welcome.
I will see many of you at either Lakeside parkrun this Saturday and the Portsmouth Coastal half on Sunday. Have a good week.